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  • Catch up with some of our recent work…
    In case you haven’t already seen them, we have dedicated blogs for two of our current areas of work: on students’ expectations and experiences of the digital environment (Digital student), and on the electronic management of assessment. Posts from these blogs should be appearing here soon, but until then, visit those sites to see the [...]

  • Questions of the digital literacies oracle
    At the learning and teaching experts group meeting last week I asked delegates to think about their digital literacies challenges, and consider what one question they would ask the digital literacies oracle if they had a chance. The results of that activity can be seen in this document. I grouped the issues and questions into [...]

  • New resources to support developing digital literacies
    We’ve produced two new online resources on developing digital literacies, based on the recent work of the Jisc-funded programme. The main resource is the Developing digital literacies infokit, which provides both the big strategic picture and some on-the-ground guidance on approaches to work in this area. It offers practical guidance on supporting the development of [...]

  • Indian HE and eLearning in India
    Someone asked me about Higher Education and Online Learning in India, so I made a couple of infographics to get some background information together in order to start a conversation with colleagues. The information draws on official Indian Government stats and news articles. I’m sharing them in case anyone else finds them useful.   [update: [...]

  • Employability and social media
    A current Jisc Inform article on how students can use social media to help them get a job has reminded me of what a key issue this is. We have seen themes around managing your online identity emerge as enormously important during the life of the Developing Digital Literacies programme, with nearly all projects developing [...]

  • Approaches to supporting change
    It’s always nice when lots of things you’re working on come together, and I had a day like that today at the Jisc Learning and Teaching Experts group. Changing the learning landscape, digital literacies, and students as change agents were all on the agenda: all interesting areas in their own right, and particularly so once [...]

  • Assessment standard stimulates 250m investment
    Assessment takes up a significant part of an academics time, particularly at this time of year. Over the past seven years Jisc has invested heavily in technologies to reduce the assessment burden on tutors and institutions. One area of investment has been to support the Innovation Support Centre, CETIS, to help lead on the development [...]

  • A personal take on digital literacies
    I spend lots of time thinking and talking about digital literacies for work, but a couple of things that happened yesterday in my personal life really made me stop and think about the emotional responses which technology-enhanced communication can provoke. Firstly I had one of those weird moments when you hear a story about ‘one [...]

  • Students as change agents
    I’ve had a few opportunities over the last week or so to hear about some of the great work that institutions are doing with students as change agents. At our Digital literacies: changing student practices webinar last week, we heard about the work that Exeter, Oxford Brookes and Greenwich have been doing with their students, [...]

  • Collaborating on textual analysis with eMargin
    Sometimes in Jisc you come across incredibly useful tools that do one thing really well. So much so that you wonder how you managed to do without it! The eMargin tool, funded by Jisc and developed by a team at Birmingham City University led by Andrew Kehoe is a simple, user-friendly way to share and [...]