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  • Joint Jisc ALT #Codesign16 Data informed webinar
    The joint Jisc- ALT webinar had a fantastic turn out with 127 registered to attend the event and join in the #Co-design16 challenge discussion on ‘How can we use data to improve teaching and learning?’ The full recording is available at, Areas covered included; evidence to demystify myths, as well as how to use ...

  • Week 3 with 1 left to go…
    As week 3 of the #Codesign16 draws to a close, we are starting to summarise the discussions to date. We will present these during a joint Jisc – ALT webinar 13:00-14:00 on Monday 21st November. Please Register HERE and join in to give us your feedback. You can also answer the 6 #Codesign16 challenge questions about ...

  • Codesign challenge: Here be data monsters
    I’ve always been fascinated with those old maps with the vast unknown spaces populated with sea monsters or massive serpents. But I’ve never understood whether the monsters were intended as warnings to stay away or as enticements to explore. I get the same feeling about our co-design challenge of using data as a way to ...

  • The story so far
    Storify of the discussion so far: [View the story "Data-informed improvements in learning and teaching" on Storify]

  • Data, Quality Assurance and improving the Student Experience
    Data is a fact of life for everyone in higher education. And there’s a lot of it. Among other things, there’s data about students, staff, estates and research. At a national level data turns into metrics, benchmarks and performance indicators. There are percentages, proportions, a standard registration population, headcounts and full person equivalents. Data–driven decision ...

  • Data-driven improvements: stories from the schools sector
    I had the pleasure of attending the #edtechuk global summit on Friday, hearing about the space where education (all sectors), technology and entrepreneurship meet. It was really interesting to be at an event where schools, HE and FE are all considered, and I picked up a couple of tales from the schools sector which I ...

  • Day 4 of the Codesign challenge – linking to Jisc Learner Analytics
    Jisc has been supporting the UK HE and FE sectors in the area of Learner Analytics. Read more about this work here:  The Co-design Challenge ‘How can we use data to improve teaching and learning?’ compliments our learner analytics work as it is considering which other data sources could be used for quality enhancement purposes along with ...

  • Data-driven improvements in learning and teaching: day one
    Here’s the summary of the first day of discussions. [View the story "How can we use data to improve teaching and learning?" on Storify]

  • Co-design challenge: How can we use data to improve teaching and learning?
    Welcome to the summary of the #codesign16 discussion on data-driven improvements in teaching and learning. We will be using this blog to collate feedback and post summaries of the discussions happening in various forums during the consultation phase. So please come here to see how the discussion develops and add your views. Comment below, or ...

  • Beyond learning analytics: collaboration, interoperability and standards in higher education learning data
    We are at a key point for data and analytics in higher education, but if we want to ensure that it reaches its full potential we first need to facilitate a shared ‘data space’ in which the people and organisations who are vital to its success are able to come together and collaborate. Now is ...