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  • Analytics lab: teaching quality benchmarks
    Exciting new Jisc Learning Analytics opportunity At our most recent network event in Edinburgh, Michael Webb and I introduced ‘Learning Analytics Labs’. An experiment to see whether we can use selected learning analytics data to improve mandatory data returns and performance metrics. This is your opportunity to get involved in an initial exploration to improve teaching quality metrics. We want to explore ...

  • Organisational data available
    If you are part of our organisational pilot of the Digital discovery tool, you will now have access to your data dashboard with visual results from your staff users. Guidance for accessing and reading your data visualisations can be found here. There is also a collaborate webinar on Tuesday 17 April at 13:00 which will walk you through the ...

  • Using Discovery tool data to refine the questions and scoring
    Thanks to the aggregate data we are getting from our first pilot users, we have been able to compare the median scores for each of the questions asked, and look at some other stats across the different assessments. We were pleased to see from the first data returns that ‘depth’ and ‘breadth’ questions produce the medians we would expect, ...

  • Do I need a new license? Creative Commons, Cambridge Analytica and Ethics
    Earlier this year Robin de Rosa and Rajiv Jhangiani launched the Open Pedagogy Notebook, a resource for any educators to both use open resources and learn more about the underpinning idea of open. I first met Robin in August 2016 at DigPedPEI, we had lots of conversations, and in one particular break out session Robin […]

  • Resources in the Digital discovery tool
    The Digital discovery tool provides links to a wide range of resources for each of the digital capability framework areas. The platform delivers these resources in two ways. Browse resources on your dashboard When people log-in to the tool they are presented with a tailored welcome page/dashboard offering appropriate assessments for them based on the ...

  • Podcast on Leadership #jiscdiglead
    Over the last three years I have been developing and delivering the Jisc Digital Leaders Programme, part of a wider team including Lawrie Phipps and Donna Lanclos. Those two were recently interviewed by Chris Rowell, though the focus of the podcast was supposed to be about a chapter of a book that Lawrie and Donna … Continue reading Podcast on Leadership #jiscdiglead

  • Making use of your tracker data: a flower-arranger’s guide
    As the last of the snow melts (we hope!) and the daffodils straighten up for spring, you probably also have a fresh crop of tracker data blooming in your BOS dashboard. Although this is a beautiful and heart-lifting sight, we know that data also brings a sense of responsibility. How will you interpret the findings, and how will you ...

  • Are robots taking our jobs?

    Esther Barrett describes her NTfW teaching and learning conference keynote which looks at artificial intelligence and how it's changing the modern workplace. Are our apprentices and trainees ready?

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  • Dragon hunting at #Digifest18

    Last week, Chris along with Liz Austen and Richard Beggs delivered a workshop at Jisc's annual Digifest on how digital storytelling can enhance the student experience. The resources are available here and he reflects on the good practice that was showcased and how it fits into the release of Jisc's new online digital storytelling workshop.

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  • Piloting the Digital discovery tool with students
    While our current pilot projects have been getting the Discovery tool into the hands of staff, we’ve been working behind the scenes on the student version. We’re pleased to say that this is user testing well, with students particularly keen on the detailed final report. We’ll be promoting this more positively to learners as the ...