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  • Trends Unpacked: Organizational Challenges and Learning Analytics (Part 4)
    This is a guest post by Lindsay Pineda and Patrick Lynch. Their bios are at the end of the article. What organizational challenges have you identified at your institution in regards to implementing learning analytics? Do you wonder if they are they similar to those of other institutions? Do you worry that you are alone ...

  • You too can be a millionaire!
    Yesterday was A Level results day, for over 800,000 students they got a letter explaining the outcome for most of two years studying. For some it will be an amazing result and they will progress onto the next stage of their lives. For some there will be disappointment, and uncertainty. For another 800,000 young people, … Continue reading You too can be a millionaire!

  • Let’s go digital – an extra slice

    Lis Parcell reports on the good practice shared at the second of CoLRiC's two summer conferences for FE learning resources and looks at how college librarians are developing their digital capability. She also shows how you could help make a LearningWheel of useful digital tools for learning resources services.

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  • Résumé vs Network: what do they say about you?
    It might be the time of year, or it might be that there are some interesting job appearing in the sector, but whatever the reason, my inbox is full of Linkedin requests, and no small amount of requests for the writing of linkedIn recommendations. In addition, I noticed that some institutions and organisations have reverted […]

  • Why you should sign up for the 2017-18 Tracker!
    Last month we published a report from this year’s Student Digital Experience tracker project, representing the voice of 22,000 learners from across the UK. Findings from the project have attracted national and international interest, and we’re starting to see some exciting lessons about what makes a difference to the learning experience. But the main purpose ...

  • Learning Analytics Service Agreement – Final
    The  Jisc Learning Analytics Service Agreement  is available to download and we would like to thank everyone who provided feedback and comments. Here is a version showing the changes that have been made to the agreement.  Learning Analytics Service Agreement_Consultation-Final_Compared Existing implementation institutions have already been contacted regarding the process for signing the new agreement. ...

  • 11th UK Learning Analytics Network meeting, Aston University, Birmingham, 5th Sept 2017
    The 11th UK Learning Analytics Network meeting is being hosted by Aston University in central Birmingham on Tuesday 5th September 2017. Booking form The room lends itself to working in small groups so we thought we’d have fewer presentations and a bit more hands-on activity this time.  In the morning Paul and I will be facilitating a cut-down ...

  • Institutional to Individual: realising the postdigital VLE?
    Digital is people – it’s not the first time this has been said on this blog, and I am sure it won’t be the last. One of the unique things about people, according to Chomsky, is our ability to communicate through language. Institutions are made up of people and there is a now a huge […]

  • Designing for Digital Capabilities in the Curriculum

    Scott provides an overview of Jisc resources showcased at the recent Connect More events to support digital capability. These resources complement the 'Curriculum Confidence: Deigning Digital Capabilities in the Curriculum' sessions at Connect More and are aimed at curriculum staff wishing to embed digital into programmes of study.

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  • The McMaster Summer Institute for Students as Partners 2017: living and breathing partnership internationally
    We are delighted to have a guest post from Dr Catherine Bovill, Senior Lecturer in Student Engagement, Institute for Academic Development, University of Edinburgh: The McMaster Summer Institute for Students as Partners was first run in 2016 and brings together researchers and practitioners interested and active in Students as Partners (SaP) work across the world. ...