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One Day IT Courses

One Day Computer Courses at your company premises. InIT Learning provides all the equipment you just provide a room. Prices start from as low as £80.00 per delegate.

One Day Computer Courses

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  • Gamification
    The Spoonful of Sugar that Makes the Learning Go Down.Being part of a company that creates tailor-made learning technology solutions, we are a rather diverse bunch, each with their own particular passions and pet peeves when it comes to learning trends.The term ‘gamification’ has been one of those terms that really can divide even the most unified of teams (all in good fun…usually).The games designers get particularly huffy about the topic because it is so often abused and treated as a synonym

  • Oculus Rift Unboxing
    In our first Unboxing video, you can see what the commercially released Oculus Rift looks like while we explain a few of the new input options that are provided can mean for an even more immersive Virtual Reality Learning Simulation experience.

  • 4 Ways Learners Can Use Virtual Reality
    Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer simulated environment that recreates a physical presence in places in the real world, or imagined worlds to create a sensory experience.Virtual Reality is the best thing to happen to learning technology since the internet!The VR headsets display a stereo image which creates a 3D effect, like an old View-Master - only it displays a 360º world, and you can look up, down, everywhere, to see the whole place.Many of the VR kits are still only available to developers

  • Is Failure Success?
    How VR Changes Learning3 reasons why “No pain, no gain” doesn’t apply to VR.Learners need the freedom to fail and it is crucial that they have that freedom.The world is abuzz with chatter about virtual reality, and it has been great to see more and more of the learning and development world turning to embrace it. We are passionate about the powerful potential VR offers to trainers and learners alike, and have partnered with companies like Nokia, Lancome Loreal, and the Dorchester Collection

  • VR in the Classroom
    As a child, I didn’t really pay much attention at school. Sure I did okay, got my grades and moved on up the education ladder, but I was a shy child, I didn’t ask for much help, I only really did my homework so I wouldn’t get called out in front of everyone, and exams! Oh the exams. Undoubtedly my downfall, it just didn’t make sense to me as it seemed more like: ‘how much can you remember and write down in 2 hours’ rather than an actual physical measure of your learning.I also found that the way

  • Bringing VR to the San Francisco GDC
    ELS breaks into the international market with their revolutionary VR learning simulation offerings.The Game Developers Conference in San Francisco is celebrating it's 30th anniversary with a huge event that looks to have over 26,000 delegates in attendance - and I can't wait to meet them!We’re delighted to be part of the UKTI delegation and their help and support has been invaluable in helping us to reach out internationally with our products and services. Providing equally unique and innovative

  • The year of VR is kicked off with the commercial release of the new Oculus Rift!
    There is a buzz in the air today at the eLearning Studios office, because the Oculus Rift consumer edition is finally here. We have been developing for the Oculus platform for 2 years now, across industry sectors for everything from fire-safety compliance training, to training brand ambassadors in a new luxury anti-acing beauty cream, and it continues to be shown as the most immersive learning technology on the market.The new Rift is the first VR headset available commercially by the industry

  • Fighting Stage Fright with Virtual Reality
    It’s not often that I bring something home from the office that allows my daughter to conquer her fears. Working for an L&D technology supplier, you might think that I’d bring things home more and my children would have rather more extensive knowledge on a range of topics usually only available to a person once they have been in the workforce for a few years - but you’d be wrong.I’ve been with eLearning Studios from the beginning, and have been very proud to sell our high quality solutions to a

  • 3D Graphics Debate: Store-Bought Pre-Made Assets vs. Bespoke In-House Creations
    Store Bought Assets Vs making everything in house. The Creative Debate:With the rise of free game engines, such as Unity3D and Unreal 4, community asset stores have grown in size. This is a good thing and a bad thing for quite a few reasons, and I’m going to take some time and really try and explain both sides to this argument, but I am only going to focus on 2D and 3D art, as the scripts and audio bundles both have their own pros and cons.We at eLearning Studios like to take pride in how we

  • Learning Technology 101
    It happens more frequently than you might imagine. We get a call, or are in a meeting with a new client, and we ask them what sort of learning technology solution they are looking for, and they don’t know. Now there are a lot of different factors that contribute to the confusion of those first entering upon a learning technology solution: vendor’s buzzwords, lack of exposure, speedy technology discoveries and adoptions, but whatever the case is, we are always quick to respond with a few short

  • Social Learning Networks Could Keep New Parents In The Loop
    Recent research from the equality and human rights commission (EHRC) shows that some pregnant women experience workplace discrimination while on maternity leave - often in the form of too little contact with their employers - leaving the women feeling isolated and out-of-touch with the workplace they are re-entering.There are KIT (keeping in touch) days that can be arranged, but often those can become a burden for the employer and the employee on maternity leave to arrange and to ensure they are

  • Behind The Scenes: Creating A Player Model
    Wayne (our 3D graphic artist) on how he creates a player model:We are currently working on a project with the AAL and some of our European partners to create some serious games for mobile devices that will help reduce stress in the workplace for a project called StayActive. There is much more to the project than the games (like wearable tech!) but we are responsible for the games portion of the project. The game we are currently working on we have dubbed “Soar” (name still in the works) - in

  • Now we’re cooking!
    What does eLearning have to do with nutmeg, jerk salmon, marshmallows, and my little pony? More than you might think…Last Monday, eLearning Studios closed up shop for the day and headed to the country where we put our creative juices to work marinating chicken instead of pondering over the latest technology and the potential it holds for learning.Upon arrival at Becketts Farm (can’t recommend it enough – you’ll see why) we were split into two teams for a ‘Ready, Steady, Cook’ challenge. The Red

  • Cancer Research UK and their "Racercise" Project
    At eLearning Studios we take pride in all our work, but just between you and me - some projects do become our favourites, and our work for Cancer Research UK’s Racercise instructors is one of these projects.When we were approached by Cancer Research UK (CRUK) to create a course that would be used to train Racercise instructors who would train others so that they could participate in the Race for Life, we were determined to go the extra mile and make this eLearning course really special.We always

  • 3 Ways to Interact with a Virtual Reality Learning Simulation
    Virtual Reality Learning Simulations are the latest and greatest in immersive learning technology. As you may have read on previous blogs we recreated our offices, and then set them on fire (because why not?) to demonstrate the powerful effect a VRLS can have on even the most typically dry compliance courses. In the demo you are able to use a variety of interaction types to alert your coworkers, break fire alarms, pick up a phone, and use a fire extinguisher to defeat the fire in a compliance

  • Blended Learning and 70:20:10
    The terms “Blended Learning” and “70:20:10” have been around for quite a while, but recently they have become inescapable in the L&D world. This blog sets out to briefly explain both and the relationship between the two:Blended Learning - 
When the learning is delivered using a blend of different techniques to accomplish the learning objectives. 
For more detail (yet written simply) check out this blog.70:20:10 
- A simple concept that people learn in 3 different ways. 70% of the time they

  • Blended Learning
    Blended Learning: A bespoke combination of a range of possibilities created by combining technologies and pedagogies through internet and digital media with face-to-face training to create the best solution for the learners. Blended Learning is typically a face-to-face training course that also incorporates any number of eLearning solutions (an authored course, a Virtual Reality Learning Simulation, a serious game, etc.) But it can take many different forms, with multiple models of

  • Count Me In
    Launch of a Free Vocational Training Course for those in the Cultural Sector“Count Me In” is an eLearning Program we are very proud of creating at eLearning Studios. We take pride in all our work, but there is something a bit extra satisfying about knowing that your project can be used to make the world a better place to live in. Count Me In is designed to transfer knowledge and ideas about creating a successful work program in the cultural sector for those individuals with special needs - as